This is a page for you to talk about your business — team, history, vision, approach, etc. Use this space to connect with your customers, build trust, and establish your brand. People always appreciate knowing who they’re buying from. 


Thanks to the awesome folks at Do Vitamins for giving us permission to use their product imagery for this demo theme. Here's a bit about them, in their own words: 

"Until Do Vitamins, there were no boutique supplement manufacturers. The entire cost-driven supplement economy is (was) dictated by a complex chain of middlemen, ultimately ending up with a consumer purchasing at retail based on price. Even online sales are about low prices first, quality second. Corners are cut, and ingredient sources are sketchy at best. We knew there was a market for people who wanted better stuff – the best stuff – because we wanted the best stuff. It was time to pull back the curtain; We wanted to know where the Vitamin C in our multivitamin came from – and we wanted to know about the bull that sired the cow that made the milk that made our whey protein powder. So we decided to Do Vitamins ourselves.

We'll be the first to admit the supplement industry is not without its skeptics, and they're skeptical for many good reasons. The industry is filled with peddlers of inferior products and ridiculous claims; Loose regulations have enabled a wild-west of poor quality junk. We see all of this nonsense as an opportunity: To be an honest, quality-focused business in this industry actually sets us apart.

The word "do" is a verb describing the very essence of action. It can mean perform, work, make, provide, solve, produce, achieve, travel, finish, and among many other things, take. Thus, the word "do" describes our attitude toward supplementation, and our attitude to running our business. These are not jobs for us; this is simply what we do. We Do Vitamins, every day, always."